I'm Robyn, but my friends call me Ro.

I’m a Wedding & Portrait photographer based in East Tennessee. Photographs are some of the most precious things I own. I am the keeper of all the sacred photos in my family passed down from generations. I'm a film lover and I appreciate beauty, but I enjoy the real. The messy stuff. With that being said, I know how important your memories are to you and your future. Whether it's photographs of your engagement, wedding, or your growing family, they will only increase in value as time goes on. Capturing those precious days of your life and telling your story honestly is my purpose.

We as humans are not all the same. Not even close actually. Your experience with me will not be cookie cutter. I will study you and I will listen. I won't stick you in stiff poses and ask you to say cheese. With every photograph I take, I always have in the back of my head what your future children, grandchildren or family would think pulling that image out of an old album. I want them to see your true self, your real smile and get that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Photographs remain long after we are gone and have important stories to tell.

Wonderful and comfortable experience with emotionally incredible results.

Jennifer S.

Kind words

Kind words

Elise & Austin

These pictures made me tear up - you are absolutely phenomenal, and we are so lucky to have had the opportunity to be photographed by you! Thank you for capturing such special moments of us that will last a lifetime - you are THE BEST!!!!

01 / 04
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